Denim is an ageless centrepiece of our universal wardrobe and guy’s jeans are quite possibly the most iconic component of this popular material’s market.

With a man’s fashion choices being considerably limited compared to that of a woman, it is essential that the jeans they wear are just right. However, with so many different styles, colours and cuts available, finding the perfect pair of guy’s jeans isn’t all that big a chore.

The Perfect Length
Even the most well-made pair of guys jeans won’t look good if they don’t fit properly. The length of your jeans is essential – they should stop just short of the floor, hiding your shoelaces. You don’t want to be tripping on your jeans, but you also don’t want to be revealing too much ankle either. For some occasions you should also consider denim shorts instead of jeans, particularly if you have legs that are worthy of display.

Beware the Bulge
There is a myth that guy’s jeans which accentuate certain parts of your anatomy look good. Do not fall for this. Looser jeans which leave your proportions a mystery are generally more attractive, and you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort. If you can’t do up the fly of the jeans without jumping up and down, you can bet that the jeans are too tight. But if you can fit a fist between the waistband and your waist, think about trying a smaller size.

Stylistic Choices
Guy’s jeans are no longer a simple affair; there are many variations available. There are several cuts to choose from – boot leg, straight leg, skinny and loose fit. It is important to choose the cut that best suits your body. The salespeople in speciality jeans retail stores can be very useful in helping you find the best cut for your body shape. The colour of your jeans can range from light to dark blue, or even be a different colour altogether (though this is more common in ladies’ jeans). Black jeans have become more popular in recent years and have the advantage of complimenting any shirt, jumper or t-shirt.

Fashion Faux Pas
There are some definite no-nos when it comes to wearing guy’s jeans well. Shoes should be closed in; please do not be tempted to wear jeans with sandals or thongs, no matter what the weather. Similarly, there should never be a public display of underwear. Whilst nobody wants to see your jeans sitting right up on your waist, they also do not want to see what type of underwear you are wearing. Wear a belt if needed to avoid this unsightly occurrence.