There are certain phrases that most men would love to hear to feel appreciated

What do men like ?

Unlike what we might be brought up to believe, men have emotional needs too and there are certain phrases that most men would love to hear to feel appreciated. Unfortunately for fear of sounding silly, for pride or timidity we don’t tell our men often enough how much we appreciate them.

Can you remember when was the last time you sincerely thanked your man for something he did for you? Or can you honestly say when was the last time you gave a compliment to your boyfriend or husband? Once in a long term relationship, most women have a tendency to take their men for granted.


What do Men Want to Hear ?

With this in mind I have collected a few phrases that I think men would like to hear from their women.

Come on, join in and tell us which are the phrases that you would like to hear the most from your woman.And you girls tell us which are in your opinion the most romantic, complimentary or sexy thing you’ve ever told your man.

Phrases for the romantic:

  1. “I like you”. To whisper these little 3 words with a languid accent has an incomparable power over a man’s ego. We will hug you and be proud of having you by his side.
  2. “I trust you, I know you can do it”. This is a really magic phrase it proves the confidence you have in him, in his physical and mental strength. Men love this one as it makes them feel almighty powerful. Also you can use this phrase when you want your man to do something for you. For example if you want him to change the wallpaper in your room or take care of your cat while you go on vacation, all you need do is to whisper this phrase and he will be proud to do whatever you are asking him to do.
  3. “You’re the best”. I don’t think this one needs explaining.
  4. ” I am so lucky I met you” For him this means “you are marvellous, absolutely great and more important you make love like a God !”
  5. “What would I do without you” this is another ego booster. This is the perfect phrase for those situations when you are in trouble and he saves you. Like for example the day your car breaks down and he drives you to your workplace, or the afternoon when your nanny is sick and he offers to look after the children while you go out shopping with your girlfriends.
  6. We are a team, baby!”, this is perfect to let him know that you support him, that you are a couple and his aspirations are important for you.
  7. woman-holding-boyfriend-and-whispering-to-his-ear

For the more intimate moments

  1. “You drive me crazy, I am mad about you” Another phrase that does not need any explanation.
  2. “You are so hot”
  3. “What would please you tonight?” This is perhaps the most aphrodisiac phrase you can tell your man; but be careful if you say it you must be prepared to assume your responsibility and try to please him.  This phrase is open to all kind of “indecent proposals” are you ready for them.?
  4. “I had an erotic dream and you were in it…” If he asks you to tell him about it, say that you will show him instead!
  5. “Spank me 

Phrases for the down to earth men

“Dinner’s ready!”

« You are so smart »

“Shouldn’t you be down at the bar with your buddies?”

“You’re so sexy when you’re hungover.”

“I’d rather watch football and drink beer with you than go shopping.”


It is important that your compliments relate to his attributes.

Before you say any of these phrases to your man take into account his attributes.  Is he awfully handsome? Or is he very brainy?  Is he good at working with his hands?  It is important that your compliments relate to his attributes.  Give him recognition and appreciate his qualities because normally no one else does.  At work, more than likely he is always stressed or trying to meet a deadline and no one tells him how good he is at his profession; all he gets from his superiors is pressure.  It is up to you to pick up his qualities and compliment him about them. In return he will feel appreciated and loved and will love you more for it.

Listen to your man to know what he wants to hear from you

If you want to know what your man wants to hear from you, first LISTEN to him.  As the saying goes, “God gave all of us two ears and a single mouth so that we may hear twice as much as we speak”.  Careful listening to your man will enable you to pick up his emotional needs at the time of your conversation.  We all need to hear different things at different times, listen carefully and you will know what he needs.

What do men want to hear? What do readers have to say?

David Russell: “What do men want to hear? Start with the truth and end with the truth and you have it covered”.

Tonymead60 : “I think the biggegest turn on is… hey darling the chip pan is on and i’ve cooked steak for tea…”

“good morning sunshine”

AngelTrader: “Truth, honesty oh and truth! Simple really!”

Asher Fallen :”I would agree that hearing any of those things from the right woman would be simply awesome, but, call me crude, spank me Daddy works coming from almost any woman.”

“I am glad to have you as my husband”.

DREAM ON : “Don’t stop now. One more time honey”