As a married couple, the idea of finding time to romance at home would make a joyous sensation run through your veins. However, due to the increasing work pressures, family responsibilities and rising monetary constraints, you seldom get time to show your love for each other. This often turns a happy marriage into a cold, lifeless and exhausting relationship. But small efforts on your part can save your relationship from going through such monotonously stagnant time. So, here are a few simple tricks to rekindle your love flame, right at home.

1. Set the rules This old trick never fails to impress and works every time. Make sure that you have made all the required arrangements beforehand. In the morning, get up quickly and prepare the breakfast. Then surprise your partner with a tender kiss as you bring their favourite delicacies to them. You can also decorate the tray with flower petals or photographs of each other. You can start with this and then go on to make more exciting plans to spend a fun morning together.

2. Set the ambiance A proper ambiance helps a lot in setting the right mood for a romantic time together. Sometimes you can fix a bubble bath for your partner and maybe you can even join in. You can also decorate the house on their birthday, or make arrangements for a romantic candlelight dinner at home. Husbands can switch to take over their wife’s household duties, once in a while. Also, always listen to your partner, make your special days count, and avoid getting into arguments when you two are alone.

3. Surprise them Everyone loves surprises, especially if they come from our loved ones. You can pass on some naughty messages on a sly, or can come up with more inventive ideas such as writing a cheque of hundred kisses and telling your partner to cash it whenever they like. Maybe you can also pick up some flowers on your way back home and surprise your partner. Make sure it is a surprise that makes your partner feel special and loved.

4. A romantic gesture Simple gestures mean a lot. Every once in a while, say ‘I love you’ to your partner. Light the room up with a beautiful smile when your partner enters. Hug your partner whenever you feel like doing so and compliment and appreciate your partner’s choices and decisions. A simple ‘Thank You’ can express a lot more. To keep the romance alive, remember to be thoughtful, grateful and reminiscent.

5. Making love Physical intimacy is very important to recapture romance at home. Men find it romantic, if the s*x is initiated by their wives. Women, however, prefer cuddling and talking. It is important for husbands’ to be considerate and good listeners in bed. Through this you can get to know your partner better and enjoy your relationship to its fullest.