My mama is very caring and considerate….she cooks very good….no one in this world can cook like her………!!! Is your special someone, instead of listening you, keeps on talking about his mother, when you go out for a romantic eve with him? Is your boy friend putting his mommy first and you take the backseat?

Well, all guys share a special relationship with their mothers. But, some of them become so much hooked on their moms that it negatively affects their love life. Instead of trying to break that umbilical bond, deal with him with a change of attitude.

Here are some ways to handle a mama’s boy.

1. Accept the Situation

Don’t hesitate to accept the fact that your beau is a mamma’s boy as your efforts can’t change the situation. Instead of fighting against it, go with it.

2.  Don’t Try to Compete

It’s not a good idea to compete with your man’s mother to attain his attention. Even if he tries to compare you with her, gently shut him by saying ‘I am a different person’. If you try to compete, you will hear only one answer- “You will never be as good as my mother”.

3.  Extend a ‘Hand of Friendship’ to His Mother

Turn his mom into an ally. Listen and talk to her. Don’t forget to greet her on special occasions, like Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day and on her Birthday. Plan an outing with her, so that you both can know each other in a better way.

4.  Never Badmouth His Mom

Never bring his mom during an argument between you and your man. Avoid badmouthing her to your partner. Don’t criticize him in the presence of his mother.

5. Communicate About the Matter with Him

If you feel that he depends on his mother even for arriving at decisions that will directly impinge on your relationship talk to him. It’s possible that your guy is not aware of the matter and requires a little enlightenment.

6. Take Advantages of the Situation

Whenever he whines about not having a hot dinner or clean and ironed clothes, tell him to ramble to his mother, so that she can feed him and do a load of laundry. This way, you can show him that you too put his mother first.

7. Don’t Be a Mini-Mom

Instead of following the footsteps of his mother or changing yourself to become more like her, stay as you are. Maintain your unique personality that brought you and him together for the first time.