So he proposes you in the most romantic way ever and you have said a ‘yes.’ And with that you have started to think, plan and fix a lot of things in order to get the ball rolling for your D-day.

But before you do that take a step back and plan things to make friends with your mother-in-law. Though all MILs aren’t really that scary and typically Indian serial like, but it’s always good to start bonding with her before her so once you are married and start living with her you know. So here are few tips which will help you to break the ice between you and your mom-in-law.

1. Do your homework first: Ask your fiance what she likes and dislikes. What are her hobbies and how she likes to unwind. Once you know what kind of a person she is and what really makes her happy, then it becomes easy for you to break the ice even in the most difficult situation.

2. Dress to impress: Whether you notice or not but your mother-in-law will notice the way you have dressed. We aren’t asking you to dress like a princess but clothes that aren’t ironed or clothes that are out of place and doesn’t suits the occasion might not go down well with her. So put that little extra time and dress well so that she’s impressed.

3. Seek her advice: Yes, you are an independent woman and have taken all your life decisions on your own, but there’s no harm in taking your mom-in-law’s advice or suggestions. After all she has seen the world more than you and who knows her advice can help you to make a better decision.

4. Meet her often: Before and after marriage meet her often and spend time with her. Try and make a bond just like the one you shared with your mom.

5. Be open in communication: Always keep the door of communication open when talking with her. Talk her as much as possible and keep her updated about what’s going on in your life.