Regardless of your age and whether or not you are in a relationship, we’d all love to be irresistible to the opposite gender. Deep down, we all want to be the one who turns heads when she walks into a room or the girl that the guys are buzzing around like bees around the honey pot! The good news is that it’s not all down to genetics or supermodel looks. A girl can be irresistible for her wit, intelligence, self-confidence or just because she, herself, thinks she’s irresistible. So read on, and find out ten ways to make sure that you are the centre of attention at the next party:

Show your confidence, because men find confident women irresistible

It’s not only the supermodel looks that turn heads when she walks into the room, it’s how she walks into the room and she does that with confidence. Men find confident women irresistible, so, even if you are in a panic inside, don’t show it! Stay cool, stay confident and believe in what you have and the guys will believe in it too.

Show your intelligence and you’ll attract admirers

Any man who is worth the effort, will be one who appreciates an intelligent woman, so never be tempted to dumb yourself down for the sake of a man. If you combine the confidence with the sharp wit and intelligent conversation, you’ll be well on your way to attracting some admirers.

Put your smile to good use

An attractive smile is one of a woman’s finest attributes, so put it to good use. A smile is the universal signal to other people that you are not threatening, that you like someone and you want them to come closer to you. It’s an invitation for people to make contact with you. So, let your smile shine!

Make and hold eye contact with guys when you talk to them

It shows that you are open, honest and have nothing to hide. Eye contact is also one of the oldest forms of flirting known to man; you can say a thousand things with a single look, in the right way!

Make physical contact seem natural

You are feeling confident, you are smiling and you have an intelligent conversation. So seal the attraction with an innocent and spontaneous touch on the arm or the shoulder. Make it seem natural and the touch will remove all tension between you and the other person, and it tells them that are comfortable getting to know them a little more.

Combine friendliness and politeness with your confidence

Having confidence doesn’t mean that you have to become all aloof and mysterious. Simple friendliness and politeness will always put a man at his ease. Show an interest in him, when you are talking and remember it’s not all about you, listen attentively to what he has to say.

Don’t take yourself too seriously and show that you have a great sense of humor

You don’t have to be a stand up comedian to show your sense of humor, but your ability to make guys laugh will be a real bonus. Be as willing to laugh at yourself, as you are to laugh about other things, as no one likes someone who takes themselves too seriously.

Look after your hair

Beautiful shiny hair is always a big turn on for guys, so be sure to give yours the attention that it deserves. Neatly kept and freshly washed tresses will grab the attention and make sure the roots are not showing, guys do notice these things.

Smell nice, but don’t overdo it!

Your choice of fragrance can be as important, as the clothes that you wear. Choose a scent that matches your personality and the time of year as well. Remember not to overdo the perfume though; you want the guys swooning over you, not fainting on the floor!

Just be yourself and you will be irresistible

OK, so we know you’ve heard this one before, but it really is important. Don’t try and play the person that you think will be attractive, be yourself and you will be irresistible. Guys love a natural girl and they will see through a falsehood very easily.

Do you have some other tips on how to make yourself irresistible to the opposite gender?

Stay beautiful and happy!