How To Make Friends Quick

Many people are trapped in the claws of loneliness probably because they feel no one cares for them enough to be their friend. Not to worry, just be yourself; don’t be afraid to express your opinions. If someone insults you, just ignore them – they have no idea what they’re talking about! Show yourself friendly and you attract more friends than you could ever imagine.

Be Optimistic: Even if you are feeling really down, remember that there’s always something out there to smile about. A positive outlook will make people want to be around you more.

Crack a joke: Having a sense of humour is important, but don’t get too carried away, there are some things you have to be serious about.

Smile as much as you can: Signs of encouragement let people know you care about what they are saying.

Share interesting/silly ideas: Your thoughts can open up many doors that can lead to friendship.

Listen more than you talk:  Instead of nodding and smiling and occasionally wiping the drool off your face, try to take what the person says and run with it. Add your own thoughts into the mix – but don’t hijack the conversation.

Start by doing little things if you are very reserved: For example, every time you go to school, work, or wherever, say hello to one person and have a one-on-one conversation with them.
Say “hello” to those that don’t talk much. Share something about yourself, such as where you’re going or why you’re there.

Don’t expect perfection out of anyone, especially yourself: Entering relationship with too much expectation could lead to anxiety on one hand and frustration on the other. Make room for human weakness and error; be ready to pick up bits and pieces; continue building till you have a strong friendship.

Be Patient: If you are still among strangers, the apprehension of a conversation may cause a delay in comments. Don’t worry, that will go away in short order.

Talk to older people: Maybe even your own folks. They will be less likely to ridicule you, therefore making it easier to learn to talk well.

Place importance on making social contacts: The people who are considered popular may not be the sharpest tacks in the box, but they are acquainting with important people who may contribute to their future careers. It is never too late to feel that being popular is important. If your work environment allows for it, host a party, organize a sports game, etc.

Love yourself: It is difficult to like others when you do not appreciate yourself for who you are. Try exercise to improve your self-esteem. Start your journey to “self-discovery.”

Be loyal: Little things count. If you make an appointment, be on time. If you’re in a group, show up early, and stay late (even if you don’t have anything to say at the moment).

Be nice to others: Always give compliments, but don’t try too hard. If you are shy, take a deep breath and risk it – you never know what might happen. Also, crack a joke every once in a while. Again, if you are shy on the outside but a little crazy on the inside, let it out once in a while. Wear your hair up high and spin around or dance. Others will laugh and find you fun and funny to be with.

Stand up for your rights: When someone is being too hard on you or perhaps showing signs of prejudice, speak up! Let it out in the open: “Is there any reason to make you prejudiced?”

Be honest: Lying will make people not want to be your friend any more.