Understanding the mind of a woman is perhaps the biggest conundrum that men are faced with. Forget men, women are so distinct in their thoughts and interpretations that women, even amongst themselves, fail to understand the mindset of other women. For a man, there are a few ways to make a girl fall in love with you- some very delicate ways to make a woman like you. In this article, we basically focus on how to attract a girl and the ways to make a girl fall for you.

Women are full of surprises. There may be this girl from college or a girl from your school you just recently caught up with. If you weren’t already into each other, it can be slightly taxing to plan your moves and make her fall for you. However, it is certainly possible to make a girl fall for you by knowing and incorporating these below mentioned points. Let us now look at ways to make a woman fall in love with you.

Here are 12 ways to make a girl fall in love with you. Read on…

Living Your Life First things first, if you wish to make a girl like you, you’ve got to be yourself. You will have to be as natural as possible and not flinch when she is around. By doing this, you can set things in motion.

Do Not Show Her That You Are Into Her This is in the initial phase. You’ve got to conceal your true emotions and feelings. Do not show her that you are into her too early. It can hinder your efforts quite miserably. This is the most important thing to do if you wish to make a girl fall for you.

Be Caring If you wish that the girl you’re hitting becomes interested in you, it is important for you to show her a few lovable qualities. Ask her how she’s doing and offer to help. Do so in a casual tone.

Being Playful Pull her leg once in a while. Don’t do it too often though, it might result in unanticipated happenings. But, just be playful and create a fun filled atmosphere when she’s around.

The Sense Of Humour Now Comes one of the most important parts. A sense of humour is a must if you wish to attract a girl. Even if you aren’t too good at it, try and make an effort. Be confident though, for that is the key.

Confidence This is perhaps THE most important part of anything to do with females. You’ve got show confidence in anything you do, anything you say. If sometimes, a situation wherein you need to jab yourself arises, make sure it passes as a joke.

Getting To Know Her And Showing Interest It is obvious that you should know the girl you’re hitting on quite well. It is of course, hard to know her inside out from just a few encounters. If you’ve known the girl in the past, try getting to know her better. All the other points remain the same.

Knowing Her Interests And What She Generally Likes To Do Girls have varied interests. Spend some time asking what she likes doing. However, do not drag it too far. She shouldn’t be of the impression that you are actually into her. The moment she realizes, the equation sure is bound to change.

Do Away With Your Expectations Expecting too much can come in the way of your efforts. Make sure you’ve eliminated your expectations from her.

Show Her Respect And Give Her Space Do not force yourself upon her. Let her know in tangible, yet subtle ways that she has your respect. If she doesn’t want to speak at a particular moment in time, let her be. 

Casually Ask Her Out Ask her out very casually. Do not make it seem like you’re actually asking her out on a date. Call her out for a cup of coffee, dinner, or maybe a drink

Show Her That You Are A Committed Guy Show her that you are committed to what you wish to achieve and what you intend to do with your life in future. It is an important element in your efforts.


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