How does a busy successful wonder woman keep her career on track and find time to date? I hear it all the time, “I am a focused career woman who wants to meet a great guy…BUT…I’m just too busy!” While dating with kids can be very limiting in terms of time, so can dating with a full time job.

If you are focused on success, you may intentionally or unintentionally avoid dating – and then later notice the years have slipped by. You probably hear yourself regularly vowing, “I’ll do this just as soon as I accomplish that“. Then you’ll be ready for love. Right? No!

If you want to change, you have to add dating to your schedule – just like you do with work or your weekly workout class.

Here are a few dating tips  for busy women from someone who gets your challenge and wants to help you Get Real about your love life:

Make an appointment with your heart and get real with yourself. 

Remember that work is always going to be a part of your life, and while you are hopefully happy with what you’re doing at work, you still have to ask yourself if you’re really feeling fulfilled at the end of the day. Are you balancing your work and personal life? Do you want someone else to share your successes with?

Ask yourself if you’re taking time to reflect on what is most important to you, and whether or not you’re really taking action to achieve your love goals. We all have the responsible side of ourselves along with our fun playful little girl side. I’d bet the playful part of you isn’t getting much of your time or attention. What does your heart really want?  You have to ask yourself to find out.

›Would you want to date or marry yourself right now? Are you the person you want to attract?

Are you living and treating yourself the way you would be if you were in LOVE? If you have a man in your life, are you taking time for love? Make a list of the steps you would be taking if you knew the love of your life was arriving in the next 30 days.  Get started on some of those steps now!

Organize your closets. Get your dating wardrobe together. Start working out regularly. Spice up your love nest by getting new bedding or a new couch cover and pillows.  Act as if you have a lover in your life now, even if you’re still waiting for that special someone. Focus on what would your ideal life would look like and start living it right now.

Have you eliminated any old “Passengers Remaining in your Vehicle?”

Is there someone still nagging at your heart, sucking your energy and draining your time?  You may be wasting time on a “dead end” relationship with a temporary lover, or carrying old anger around that is blocking new love. Get some support to heal your heart and move on. Do not use your work as your excuse not to do the inner work.

›Do I take time to play and commit to spending time to meet new people?

Do you properly balance work and play in your life? Get to know what really makes you happy and carve out a few hours each week do those activities. Change your day-to-day schedule and routines and mix it up! Get up 30 minutes earlier and stop at a cute café or coffee shop for breakfast on your way to work.

Go to new places for lunch and put away your smart phone – you never know what kind of flirting opportunities you’re missing while you’re texting away.  Switch out your workout schedule to either earlier in the morning or after work around 7:00pm when there are more single professionals working out.

Whether you attend new social networking events, meet ups, singles events, or spend some timeupdating or creating a fresh online dating profile, join a matchmaking service, blind dates…you must be more open-minded and take more risks in your dating life!  How many risks have you taken this month?

Do you “Flirt with Life” and send open vibes out?

You never know who is watching or listening to you when you are out every day. Even something as small as a kind word, a warm smile or a glance from across a room, could open new doors. When you are nice to others, it makes it safer for people to approach you. This week, I want you to commit to flirting with three new people each day. Compliment a stranger while waiting in line, smile at a stranger walking by, or simply say “good morning” to someone in the elevator.

Sometimes that is all it takes to meet someone.  Do you flirt enough? Today, right now, the person you are looking for could be in line at Costco. They could be at a charity event, the drycleaners, or show up to meet you on your next blind date (the one you swore you’d never go on). You might meet at the post office, or bump into him while walking your dog.  Take the “Flirting with Life” challenge and spread some love every day. It works!

›Do you believe in LOVE? You get what you believe and focus on!

Watch your thoughts carefully.  The thoughts you think about love and relationships show up in every conversation, your body language, and the energy you project.  Believe in love and keep your heart open!  Love can happen at any age, any day, and at any time.

Promise to carve out a little time for your heart every day and take time for love. This is your life and you can design it any way you want. You are in the driver’s seat of your love life!