Is love enough to sustain your marriage? I will let you answer that for yourself. Let’s layout a few facts and a little evidence, and then you can draw your own conclusion.

Have you ever heard a man or woman say, “I love my wife or I love my husband but I just can’t live with them any longer”? Or maybe you have heard this one, “I still love my ex, we get along so much better now that we are not married”?

Love is a powerful force. Yet many marriages that start off filled with love don’t make it. They end in divorce. Here are three elements to add to the wonderful love you already have within your relationship to help make it even stronger. You determine if these three tools are right for your marriage.

Knowledge – find out as much as you can about your mate. What does she or he like, dislike? What puts a smile on their face? As you study your mate also begin to study the male or female species. There are some things that seen germane to only your mate, when in actuality, it may be something common to females or males in general. Wives begin to study the male species as you would study a subject in school. Husbands learn all you can about the female gender and apply what is appropriate to your marriage relationship.
Understanding – Once you get the knowledge, don’t stop there. Add understanding to your knowledge. Understanding means to become intimate with the knowledge you have obtained and to relate it to your personal situation. Knowledge without understanding is simply information. Here’s how to gain understanding: identify with, place great value on, become keenly aware of the differences and unique beauties between the two of you.
Wisdom – After gaining knowledge and understanding. it’s time to put what you’ve learned into action with wisdom. Wisdom will give you the insight and acumen to intelligently put your new found knowledge and understanding to work for the benefit of your marriage relationship. Wisdom is the wise application of what you acquired. It will make way for you to connect on new levels mentally, physically, and spiritually.
You may love your spouse dearly. However, you may need a little help learning to live with one another. Knowledge, understanding and wisdom will help you get there. It will take some time, effort and study on your part, but you can do this.

There are plenty of wonderful resources available today. Find the ones you like. If you don’t like to read get a video. If you don’t like video find a good book. If you like learning in a group, sign up for a class. If you like learning one-on-one, get a good marriage coach. There are so many marriage tools available it takes away any excuse for not opening yourself up to learning. Find what works for you. You are can do this. Do it for yourself; do it for your marriage.