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We all know that exercise is good for you: it burns fat, it gives your heart and cardiovascular system a workout and it keeps your muscles trim. That’s all well and good for those who enjoy running thirty miles to get absolutely nowhere on a treadmill, but what if you want to lose some pounds, but you loathe exercising?

Did you know that there are ways that you can lose weight without having to work up a sweat or go on a starvation diet? Here we investigate some of the more leisurely ways of shedding a few pounds that don’t involve donning a woolly hat, a pair of running shoes and jogging around your neighborhood when you should still be at home in bed!

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Here are our 10 lazy tips on how to lose weight without exercise:


1. Laugh more

This doesn’t sound like a weight loss trick. Not only does laughing calm the nerves and improve the immune system, it also burns the calories and tones the abdominal muscles! A good ten minute laugh can burn off up to 50 calories. Never before has losing weight been so much fun!

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2. Get more sleep to lose weight without exercise

Even more good news: resting and sleeping can help you lose weight! Scientific studies have shown that you eat more when you are stressed, tired  and exhausted; and also when you feel anxious you are more prone to, so called, “emotional eating”. Therefore, if you sleep more you will eat less. Also, don’t neglect meditation, it also can help you lose weight without exercise.

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3. Keep breathing 

Obviously you have to breathe to stay alive, but did you know that you can lose weight by just changing the way you breathe? Diaphragmatic breathing, which is the way that singers do it, increases the oxygen in the blood stream which increases your fat burning capabilities and it also exercises your stomach muscles as well. The trick is simple: just breathe in through your nose and then slowly out through the mouth.

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4. How to lose weight without exercise? Buy some new plates

An easy way to cut down how much food you are eating is to buy some smaller plates! Cutting down the size of your plate means cutting down your portion size; well, this won’t make a difference overnight, but after a couple of months you will notice the difference: slimmer and fitter you!

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5. Eat a healthy breakfast

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean pile your plate high with french fries and big macs, but equally, don’t be tempted to skip breakfast either. A good, high protein breakfast of eggs, fresh fruits, vegetables, oatmeal or yoghurt will keep the hunger pangs at bay well into the day and help you to stop snacking.

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6. Spice up your food

Research has shown that the more flavorsome your food, the quicker it satisfies your appetite. Try adding some extra garlic, pepper and onions to your food, this will boost your metabolism and you’ll eat less, but still feel full.

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7. How to lose weight without exercise? More se*x please

Good news! S*x is a great way to lose weight. Depending on your personal athletic preferences, you burn between 100 and 200 calories for every half hour that you spend making love.

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8. Lemon water

Try starting your day with warm lemon water (you can add some honey if you like). This wonderful, natural energy drink will help you kickstart your day, flash toxins out of your system and boost your metabolism.

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9. How to lose weight without exercise? Try a bit of psychology

Although this doesn’t work for everybody, some people have claimed to have lost pounds by teaching themselves not to want food when they don’t really need it. Next time that you reach for a snack, ask yourself this question: “Am I hungry or I just want to drink something?” Oftentimes, our body craves for water and we misinterpret this, thinking that we are hungry. Drink a tall glass of water and see how you feel. If you still feel hungry, then yes, you need a snack! You’re not stopping yourself from eating, but you are starting to admit to yourself that you don’t really need food when you are just thirsty, and it will start to break the habit of unnecessary eating.

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10. Start writing your daily eating journal to lose weight without exercise

Start keeping record of what you eat, it will take only a few minutes a day to write down all the foods you reach out for, but it will really help you to be aware of how much food you consume, so that you can make adjustments if necessary.

And finally, do you know how much you weigh? Apparently, many people hide the truth from themselves by not weighing themselves. Just knowing what you weigh, and keeping an eye on your weight, will help you not only avoid gaining any more pounds, but might also be an incentive to lose some.

We hope you find these tips to lose weight useful.

What other lazy tips on how to lose weight without exercise do you know? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay healthy and happy!


Source: Beautyandtips.com