In today’s world of soaring divorce rates, most couples are hesitant to commit themselves to marriage for fear of finding out that they are not really suited to be long-term partners. And yet, it is only natural that two people in a serious relationship would want to share a life together. In such a situation cohabitation or living together without being formally married may offer a middle path. 

But really how good is this idea for the health of a relationship?

The biggest advantage of cohabitation before marriage is that it gives both partners a fair idea of how it would feel to be married to the person. When dating, people naturally put their best foot forward but sharing a life with the same person can turn out to be a different ballgame altogether. Living together can be a good way of getting to know about the other aspects of your partner and get a feel of the commitment and practical responsibilities that sharing a life and home demands. Cohabitation lets you know how being married is different from merely dating your partner.

Living together also provides a way of getting to know aspects of your partner which might disappoint you later. If you discover that the person you are living with is extremely irresponsible with money or that he/she has a tendency to get physically violent when upset, it is easier to exit the relationship while still cohabiting. This is because, if you are already married, there will be legal issues to sort out and in the worst case scenario, kids from the marriage to take care of, in case your partner is emotionally or physically abusive.

Nevertheless, many are of the opinion that living together before marriage does not guarantee marital happiness.
In fact, christians, especially born again ones, frown at living together before marriage. 

Those that live together before marriage are called live-in-lovers.

Guys/babes, are you for or against living together before marriage?


by lalasticlala