Little things, you can do to impress your partner’s parents

There’s nothing worse than trying to impress your significant other’s parents and totally blowing it. It reminds me of that Saved By The Bell episode where Screech met Violet’s parents for the first time and it was a complete disaster. And while I know that’s a TV show, meeting the ‘rents for the first time can be a totally wreck in real life too. Say you bring some great alcohol for dinner, but then find out someone is a recovering alcoholic or the family doesn’t drink for religious purposes. That’s probably not putting your best foot forward. So here are a few tips on what goodies to bring to help you nail the first impression this holiday season.

Side note: Talk about it beforehand with your significant other. You’ve never met these people so no one expects you to automatically know anything about them. My fiancé and I chatted about things last year and it totally put my mind at ease.

A tin/box of goodies

This is almost always a safe bet. If baking is your thing, put together a little tin of goodies beforehand and bring it.  You can also get some sweets from your favorite candy store or bakery. It’s something very thoughtful and will share a part of you.


My Grandma made the best cheeseball. I am sure it’s just a basic recipe, but it’s almost always a crowd pleaser for holidays and events (and I love sharing it with everyone). It’s also really easy to whip up the day before. So, find a recipe of something tasty and make it for everyone to enjoy.


My fiancé makes this amazing spiced wine that goes well with dessert. He’s made it the past two Thanksgivings and we are planning on making it for my family this Christmas too. I also have a friend who makes the most amazing sorel and we love to share it with people. If you don’t have anything specific, of course a simple bottle of wine will do. Just be sure to make sure that you check it out ahead of time to be sure it won’t offend anyone.


Flowers are almost always a safe bet too. While it’s true that someone in the family might have a weird allergy, it’s really hard to be offended by flowers. And, for a little extra something, go to an actual flower shop and have them set you up with something special for the holidays so all the guests can enjoy it.

A gift that’s just for the host

Find out if there is something that his or her parents really like. Maybe it’s a gift card to a great restaurant or some bath stuff. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant, but just a little something to show you’re thankful for being included in all the festivities.

A board game/movie

There are so many great Christmas movies out there. Pick one and bring it along (you can also gift it to the host). Board games are great too. You can choose something that your family plays or just a game that you think is great for group gatherings. Both provide hours of fun and entertainment after everyone’s full from dinner and dessert which is something everyone can appreciate.