Amazing chemistry sometimes overwhelms us and attracts us so fast to each other at the early stages of a relationship that we forget the tiniest things we should be bothered about. The things that truly matter in a relationship and that decides whether or not it would last in the long run.

-If he or she changes, would our love be the same?

When we fall in love with people, sometimes it is because of who they are presently, because of the hot body, the great ukwu and the sexy cleavage. But time passes by and a whole lot of things change, including our bodies, question is when time passes and our bodies change, would the love still be the same? Ask yourself this question about that man or woman and see how you answer it honestly.


-Do you feel at your best while with him/her?

The person you are with as your lover should undoubtedly be the person who sees the best of you and brings the best out of you. If this is not the case, then you really don’t have any reason to be in this relationship.

-Long term/commitment talks

If your new guy/girl is not the person you can have long term talks with or if this person just doesn’t want to talk about commitment, then maybe you should not even date them at all. The reason is very simple, you don’t have to have gotten to the marriage phase before you discuss marriage, a person who is never going to be ready does not just get to that phase when the time draws near, he or she gets to that phase now! So if you see marriage in the near future and he or she doesn’t, don’t bother to take that step into the relationship.

-Trust Issues

If you never trust what this person is doing when they are not with you or if you seriously cannot vouch for their whereabouts all the time, then what really is the point of being with them.

-How often you fight

If your love always feels like a battlefield, oh well end it now before there are casualties.

-Religion/Moral values/Beliefs

Do you and this person have very separate moral values, beliefs and stance on religion? Does it always cause or threaten to cause conflict whenever topics like these are brought up? Then I see a really huge problem in your future if you dare to have one.

Marriages are a big deal and there should be a big preparation not just for the big day but the days after the big day, but what is also as important as marriage, is the relationship that leads into marriage. If you and your partner are having any of these issues then, maybe you should rethink a whole lot of things, including that relationship.