Little do we realize that it is our lifestyle- our way of living- that leads to most chronic health problems. In this extremely fast moving world, it sometimes becomes difficult the root cause of many health problems with stress and pressure getting the better of us in almost every phase life has to present. Speaking of it in the context of cancer, we all know that some basic habits, smoking for instance, can lead to oral and lung cancer apart from contributing to tumor growth in other parts of the body. We are aware of some habits that cause cancer, exposing yourself to the sun for too long can be another- a cause for skin cancer.

In this article, we look at some daily habits that cause cancer. These can be categorized under harmless habits, for little do we realize that these very habits can lead to cancer in the long run.

Here are 7 daily habits that can cause cancer- (the general perception of them being harmless habits that cause cancer). Read on…

Sitting For long hours On Your Butt
Never realized this could be a cause, did you? Well, research studies conducted by the American Institute for Cancer Research shows that people who sit on their butt for long hours have an increased risk to develop inflammation in internal organs of the lower abdomen that can lead to cancer. Moreover, sitting for long hours, thereby reducing physical activity can increase risk of endometrial cancers and colorectal cancer.

Talcum Powder
It is advisable not to use too much of talcum powder. Women usually tend to use talcum powder, sometimes on a daily basis, on the perineal area. A study in 2010 showed that using talcum powder when applied on the perineal area increases the risk of ovarian cancer. Make sure you give up this rather harmless habit that causes cancer. If you didn’t know this and have developed cancer then you may want to Visit this website to see if you can take legal action.

Oral Sex
Oral sex as such does not lead to cancer, you can be sure of that. But, a study published by a leading Oncology Journal showed that the risk of oropharyngeal cancer can increase from oral to genital contact owing to HPV infections. Also, having more than four to five sex partners increased the risk.

Working In Night Shifts
Here is a startling fact that you must know. Working in night shifts increased the risk of breast cancer in women. Ina study that surveyed about 2000 women, it was found that women who worked in night shifts for over two months had an increased risk of developing the disease. Suppression of melatonin, disturbances in sleep cycles and lifestyle changes were the primary contributors. Lack of Vitamin D too is a paramount contributor .

Sleeping Close To Your Cell Phone
This certainly is one of those daily habits that can lead to cancer. This topic has seen substantive discussion in the field of medical science. The main conclusion was that keeping your cell phone close to you when you sleep can be detrimental to your health, leading to cancer due to emission of radiation. It increases risk of breast cancer and brain tumors over time. So make sure you avoid this habit that can lead to cancer.

Sugary Beverages
This sure doesn’t need too much explanation, does it. Sugars feed cancer cells and are amongst the main things that make cancer cells multiply. Tea that is sweetened, sodas and other sugary drinks are amongst those daily habits that cause cancer. So beware.

Processed Foods
They sure taste good. But they’re no good if you wish to stay away from the cancer radar. Processed foods, with the innumerable preservatives they contain, can without a doubt lead to cancer.