List of things every girl should have by the time they approach their 30’s

When a girl reaches a certain age, there are some things that she really should have been sorted out by now. We’re not talking about the rich husband and the 2 children, but just some of the simple, basic things, which should have been accomplished and learned. Here’s a list of things that every girl really should have by the time they approach their 30’s:

1. A skin care regime that works for you

One of the important things every girl should have is a good skin care regime that works. Ageing is not something that most people give a lot of thought to, when they are young, but the sooner you start taking care of your skin, the better. You can’t stop the ageing process, but you can slow it down, so every girl should have a skin care regime that works for them.

2. A plan, a bucket list of dreams and a purpose in life

We all need a plan or how else are you going to know where you are going! Every girl should have a plan for the future, and a bucket list of dreams, to give them something to go for and a real purpose in life.

3. A favourite restaurant

You never know when you will want to take someone out for a nice meal, so every girl should have, at least, one restaurant that they know will serve good food, in the right atmospheres and for the right price. That way, you’ll never be caught out when you get a surprise visitor.

4. A good lingerie collection

Investing in good lingerie is something that everyone should do. Even though no one else will usually see it, great lingerie makes you feel good and it will fill you with confidence. Unlike worn out, grey underwear, that never will!

5. Your very own colour palette

Another one of useful things every girl should have is a good color palette. You should, by now, have worked out what shades of makeup work and don’t work for you. Every girl should have their own collection of colours and know how to apply them effectively.

6. A bank account of their own

Even if you are in a long term relationship and have a joint account, you still should keep your own too. How else are you going to buy surprise treats for your loved ones, and yourself?!

7. A signature perfume

A good quality scent is also an essential thing for a girl to have, especially for those special occasions. It will also become your signature and people will instantly know that you are around when you wear it.

8. Good, reliable and trustworthy friends

You need, sometimes, to get away from work and even get away from the home to unwind, relax and spend some quality time with some good friends. A group of close friends on whom you can rely can be such an important part of a girl’s life.

9. A bag that’s big enough!

A good quality and sizeable handbags are a necessity too, and, these days, it’s probably got to be big enough to hold your tablet too. Not only that, but it will need to be big enough to carry the bottled water, makeup, brushes, hand sanitizer and all the other essentials that you will need in the course of a day.

10. A regular workout regime

You should also get into an exercise routine. Whether it’s walking, playing sports or working out at the gym; a regular routine that is fun, will keep you fit and healthy and keep you looking and feeling great too.

What other things every girl should have, on your opinion?

Stay happy!