No matter how much you love your partner sooner or later you might face some certain problems. Usually people fight when they when they see things differently.

Here is a list of the most common reasons that make people differ and ways of how to solve problems.

1. Significant others
We all have families and friends, people we relate to in one or another way. When you start a relationship, think ahead and understand that sooner or later you will have to introduce your partner to you family and friends. You will also be introduced to those whom your partner considers to be part of his life. If either of you spends too much time with his significant others, then your relationship is at risk. Nobody wants to be ignored or feel lonely. Do not make your partner feel less important than others and do not let him to make you feel less significant than anybody else.

2. Sharing domestic chores
Living in one space means sharing the home as well as a lot of responsibilities. If domestic chores are not shared equally or are done by one partner, then conflicts are inevitable. It is unfair to make only one of the two do what is supposed to be performed by both. Sometimes it is alright if one of you is in charge of the household for a variety of reasons, but it should be practiced only in very special cases.
The problem might become even more serious if you have children. Then they watch you live your life not the way it is meant to be lived. Do not give your kids a bad example of relationships. Share your roles between you two and let each of you contribute and play his part in your common life. Building a happy family takes two and requires effort from both sides.

3. Authority in the relationship
Another warning sign informing that your relationship is in danger is if there is only one person whose opinion counts. All major decision should be made by both partners. Each of you should let the other one know what is going on and ask if there are any objections or suggestions. Even smaller details such as solving various issues, planning the budget and sharing household chores should be discussed. If you feel that your opinion and feelings are ignored, talk about it with your partner in order to avoid further misunderstandings.

4. Expressing love, feelings, emotions
Our preferences change and we stop liking what we previous found good and begin enjoying what we didn’t use to be keen on. This might include sexuality as well. There is no need to be ashamed of the subject. On the contrary, it is absolutely normal to talk about it regularly to find out if both of you are happy in this area of your common life. Intimacy is important since it influences other spheres of your life such as the quality of your sleep and diet, ability to cope with stress and tension at work and so on.

5. Money
When you are single your whole budget belongs to you only. However, when you are in a relationship and decide to start living with the partner, you might want to plan your common budget together. If your opinions differ, then the sooner you find the solution, the better. If you do not learn to avoid conflicts related to money, they will constantly arise anyways.
Take some time and discuss this topic with your partner. Make sure it is money you disagree about and not items that you buy. It is possible that what worries you is your income or the income of your partner. Is it sufficient enough to support both of you? If not, then think of a new strategy that will help to make more money. Ask for advice and give your suggestions.

We have mentioned a few aspects that you should take into consideration. If you are only thinking of building a relationship or have just found someone special, there are a few questions for you to answer to find out how happy and satisfied you are with the relationship. Do you respect each other? How good are you at solving issues? Do you argue too often?

Listen to what your heart tells you to do and follow your intuition. If the relationship you are in right now does not make you any happier, then it is probably not worth your time and effort. If you feel that you are strong enough to overcome all difficulties, then go ahead and do your best to make your personal life more successful.