What do you want in a wife?” I questioned a variety of the guys wandering the halls at my church one Sunday. Their answers were as varied as their ages.

The seven-year-old: “Girls? Ew … but wait – can she make chocolate chip cookies like my mom?”

The 13-year-old: “She has to be hot. But in, like, a nice way, ya know?”

The 18-year-old: “My future wife … hmmmm … same beliefs, beautiful, funny, sweet, smart – but not a know-it-all, great personality and I like long hair!”

The 24-year-old: “Integrity, adventurous, trustworthy and fun. The kind of woman that I would want my daughters to grow up to be.”

The 31-year-old: “I’m looking for a partner, a woman who will share in my passion for life, ministry and children. Obviously, she would have to be committed to raising a family – that is huge for me.”