Lady Bikers are Urging Women in India state:Bihar, to Empower Themselves

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Bihar is one state in the country, where women don’t have the freedom of speech. But that’s slowly changing. Breaking free from the patriarchal set-up, a group of women in Patna have taken it upon themselves to spread the message about empowerment through exercising their right to vote. They are urging women to vote for the candidate, who they think can bring about a change and not voted based on their husband or family’s advice.
These women are a group of bikers, who are riding high-tech bikes like GTR 650, Continental GT and Pulsar 220. They even perform stunts and race on their bikes. They use bike as a vehicle to spread awareness about the importance of voting, especially because biking is considered as a man’s domain. As an act of rebellion, these women chose to ride these big bikes. Their leader, Sanjana Saxena was an assistant sub-inspector in the Bihar police; she quit her job to work towards the empowerment of women.
And the group which has been operational from the beginning of the year has made a stark difference in the lives of the local women. In the recent Bihar elections, the state registered 55 million women voters, which is the fourth highest in the country and in some of the polling booths, women even outnumbered the men.
We applaud them and their cause!