1. My marriage was over before it started,my husband is always angery over being confronted over simple things.and no truth rolls from the very mouth that he says I love you with,,while on the internet talking with other women trying to hook up and makes an *** out of me in public every chance he can because he needs to be validated by strangers tht im an *******,and for no good reason except tht he is mean and nasty and self seving.im not feeling nothing whis he would just leave he is so very selfish and unkind… – Orionica

2. When you no longer can stand it and are willing to risk it all to find someone else to fill the void in your life. When you begin to Google “How to ask for a divorce”. or when you visit an attorney for the facts. When you no longer care or know it will never change…..

3. Your marriage is over when you feel nothing. There is no more anger, hatred , love, like; just nothing. The things that your spouse has done that could trigger you into going into a homicial rage does not even cause an aggravated twitch. It is not about controlling your emotions and reactions. It is about not having any.
In response to stephaniecbennett:With all due respect, I fear that you are living in a fantasy world. Love is the most fragile of emotions and really in the grand scheme of things not the only reason to stay married. Sometimes so much has been said and done that it leaves the marriage beyond repair. You state that if you love your spouse and he loves you…….Let me tell you when you start questioning if your marriage is over, I don’t think you are feeling much of the love. To say when promises and pledges are made that doubts should not compromise your marriage and to ask yourself what is really going on is to tell someone that regardless of the toxicity within your marriage you should stay loyal to the initial promise of love. When you are looking at someone who has had the crap beat out of them for the umpteenth time or is married to the drug addicted, **** addicted adulterer who does not support the family and degrades them to the point that they are only the shell of the bright vibrant person they once were, are you going to ask but don’t you still love him? Yes, despite all that some women go through, when asked why don’t you leave, more often than not the reply will be but I still love him. The question that should be asked is what do you love about him.Love may be a strong emotion but it is not a reason to stay nor should it be.

4. when you catch yourself fantasizing about what you’ll do when you’re single. no, not “that” — but things like what kind of home you’ll look for next, if you want to get a pet, what color you’d paint your bedroom, what foods you’d eat that they don’t like. just a background daydream of life without them.

5. When one of the two people knows that he or she has done EVERYTHING possible to work things out and things aren’t getting any better or even showing any signs of getting better and that person is finally fed up enough to say ENOUGH and that person’s situation allows them to survive without their partner’s financial contribution — THEN the marriage is over.

6. A marriage is over when you spend time with your hasband and you feel alone., when you speak to him and don’t hear any answer, when you don’t make any plans in the future together, when you look at him and see an unknown man and don’t feel any passion.