Often most of us fail to understand whether we’re being used in the relationship. Things fall apart when the realisation seeks in late. Here are some ways for you to analyse whether you’re being used or not

You pay every time you go out
Even though he might be well off, but if you often find yourself paying every time the two of you are out on a date, it’s time you got the hint that he is just using you. While it’s okay to split the bill between the two of you, but make sure you do not make a habit of pulling out your wallet every time you are out with him.

He is only available when he needs you
If he speaks to you or meets you every time he requires something, you should get the hint. Sometimes, girls fail to understand this habit of men and end up thinking that the guy is asking her for advice.

He is financially dependent on you
Not only do you pay for your dates, but you also help him pay his bills. This is probably one of the greatest signs you need to watch out for. If he doesn’t even bother paying his own bills, it’s time for you to walk out.

SOURCE: indiatimes.com