Keeping in touch with contemporary fashion trends isn’t always easy; with a little creativity and know-how, however, anybody can keep up to date with the latest styles.

The speed at which fashion trends change nowadays can make it almost impossible to keep up with the latest styles. However, there are a number of tricks that you can use to keep up to date without having to break the bank buying a new wardrobe every two weeks.

Mix ‘n’ Match
Look at the clothes in your wardrobe and pick out the thing you know you never wear (those are usually stuffed in the back somewhere). Spread them either on the floor or on the bed, then get creating. Mix them together to make a completely new ensemble and don’t be afraid to accessories. A few, well placed baubles and beads can go a long way in turning a basic jeans and t-shirt look into something much more funky.

Jeans and t-shirts
Jeans are the best things to customize. Unlike other items of clothing, jeans seem get better with age and as daft as it may sound, rips and tears only add to their character. You can even cut off the legs of you jeans to create shorts! T-shirts are a staple of any wardrobe! You can wear an old t-shirt with a cool pair of jeans and some sneakers and look absolutely cool.

Get creative
Small things can make a huge difference to you wardrobe; badges are one of then. Jewellery can also go a long way so it is important that you don’t throw anything out! Sew some old necklace around a plain t-shirt and viola, you have a new, cool and trendy look!

The latest styles
Eventually you will need to go and spend some cash on new clothes. When you do look for something that reflects who you are and what suits you best, finding the ‘latest style’ doesn’t mean you have to copy anybody.