How To Keep A Guy:

To Keep a Guy always thinking about you requires a lot of work but worth it. In fact, the thought about a guy who is constantly thinking about you makes you feel secure in your relationship because you know that he cares for you a lot. In order for you to keep a guy constantly thinking about you, you need to be a mix of everything.

What It Means:

In order to keep their men interested, a lot of women use the conventional approach of giving generously to their partners. However, most women who do this often fail to keep a guy interestedat them for a long time. In order to make a man keep thinking about you, you have to be a mix of everything. You need to be fun, mysterious, challenging and attractive at the same time. In most cases, men start a relationship as a game and if you reveal all yourself to them, they’d loose interest in you easily. This is the reason why you have to be mysterious. Reveal some facets of your self to him one at a time. Sometimes, men get easily turned off by women who are too open about their lives so if you have something to tell to your guy, don’t reveal it to him in one meeting. Another way to keep a guy thinking about you is to be fun. Some men are not too comfortable hanging out with women who are not spontaneous and do not have sense of humor. Thus, you need to do a little bit of research about the things that your guy likes so that you can initiate conversations and activities that your guy is also interested. Another way for you to keep him interested in you is to make yourself a challenging subject for them. Being too generous to your guy might make him interested in you but not for long but if you present a challenge at him that you are not like other women, then they will be hooked on you for a long time. Lastly, it is important that you remain attractive in front of him. After all, guys fall for beauty first before they fall in love with your other qualities.


Being a mix of everything just to Keep a Guy requires a lot of work and planning but if you are willing to work on it, then you will definitely enjoy the attention that your man will give you for a long time.

How to Keep A Man Interested:

Keeping a man interested is all about maintaining independence, strength and confidence. Show a man that he is appreciated with help from a relationship coach in this free video on dating tips and relationship advice.

How to Keep a Guy Thinking About You All Day Long

t’s a great feeling knowing the man you love is crazy about you. You feel safe, secure and you glow from within – because you know how much he loves and cares about you. I used to wonder how to have that, and now I have it. So here are some of my secrets of how to keep a guy thinking about you all day long so you can have the romance you’ve dreamed of too!

Be fun.

Be mysterious.

Be a challenge.

Be a woman unlike any other.

Be sexy.

I cannot over-emphasize how important ALL these elements work together in how to keep a guy thinking about you all day long. It is vital that you embody all five qualities – because if you neglect to work on having any of them, you greatly diminish your chances of keeping his mind on you.


Here’s why and how…

First, guys love to have fun. Plain and simply, there’s no way he’s to think about you all day long if you’re boring to him. Conversely, if he had fun with you, he can recall the laughter you shared together. Being fun is as simple as listening to him and responding to his jokes. Let him take the lead in the conversation, be pleasant, smile and laugh genuinely.

Second, being mysterious makes him curious about you. Do you remember how it feels to be curious about something? It makes you interested to want to find out more. It occupies your mind. The way to be mysterious is to talk less. Reveal things about yourself gradually and only if he asks. Let him tell you more about himself instead. Give him a chance to impress you.

Third, men are wired to love challenges. Why else do you think they enjoy risking their lives playing sports? So when you are challenge to him, he will wonder how to solve the puzzle of winning your heart over, and thus think about you all day long. Still, don’t mistake being a problem from being a challenge. Because when you are a problem, he prefers to avoid thinking about you completely. Being a challenge means you keep yourself busy. Don’t be easily available to him. Make your personal goals and dreams more important than him.

Fourth, you need to be different from other women in order to stand out and get his attention. This doesn’t mean you should dress or talk weirdly. Just embrace who you are and don’t be ashamed of your quirks. If he really likes you, your quirks will amuse him and give him something to think about.


Fifth, it’s a fact that men think about sex a lot. It’s natural and very healthy. So if you want to keep him thinking about you all day long, you need to be sexy. If he doesn’t find you sexy, there’s no way he will want to think about you all day long. Remember that all humans are sexual beings. You have the right to be a sexy lady. And the way to be sexy is to exercise, watch your diet and wear feminine clothing. There’s no need to dress like a slut. When you feel sexy and wear clothes that flatter your figure, he will notice.

Fact is, it takes continuous work on YOURSELF to keep a guy thinking about you all day long. Don’t think that spending lots of time with him will keep you on his mind. Work on improving yourself and don’t bug him! That’s the ultimate secret of how to keep a guy thinking about you all day long.

Here’s how I got from being ‘Totally Confused’ about men… to knowing how to melt his heart and be Cherished and Adored…Forever!