1. Pray together
Prayer has to be your steering wheel, and not your spare
tire. It is very easy to fall into the trap of using prayer only
when things are going bad versus making it a daily part of
your day. Each morning my wife and I, before we awake,
say a short 30 second prayer over one another to set the
tone for the rest of our day. It was a challenge to do it at
first, but now it has become an expected moment we have
each morning. Prayer is not an option, it is an requirement
that will cause you and your spouse to focus on one
another’s deeper issues and be able to give them to God.

2. wash the dirty laundry

I’m not sure how you run things in your home, but dirty
laundry can only sit for so long before it begins to smell
through the whole house. This is the same with built up
frustrations, issues, or disagreements that have not been
dealt with. This truly disrupts the atmosphere of a home,
because just like laundry can smell overtime, suppressed
issues can as well. This can promote secrecy, lies, and
many other actions to come forth when there hasn’t been a
fresh moment of opportunity to wash those things through.
This should be done at best once a week and at minimum
every two weeks. An intentional time to talk and voice a no
judgment, no offense, full of unconditional love honest

3. read the bible together

A couple that learns together, takes the World together.
Studying the word of God not only helps you in your own
personal relationship with God, but it also gives you and
your spouse an opportunity to connect in a new way. This
has been a challenge for my wife and I because I work in
full time ministry, so due to my vocation, I’m in the Word
each week during my own time. But, I have seen the
effects of us not reading the bible together. We are not as
focused on what’s most important as believers, ultimately
causing us to get into petty arguments that do matter for
eternity. Studying the Word together will transform your
marriage because it invites in the Sword of the Spirit to
divide up all unnecessary thoughts that can cause division
between you and your spouse.