Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans opens up about her struggle with drugs and troubled relationship with her mother in a new interview

Her sobriety struggles have been well documented on MTV’s Teen Mom 2.

In a new interview with E! News Jenelle Evans talks about her troubled childhood, struggle with drug addiction and her hostile relationship with her mother.

The 25-year-old reality star admitted she once came close to killing herself as her substance abuse spiraled out of control.

‘I think my low point was with my drug issue and the whole heroin thing,’ the North Carolina native said.

‘I almost overdosed and died. I was trying to run away from my problems’ she admitted.
Jenelle recalled the moment that she realized she had to get help.
‘When I started withdrawing for the first time in my life, I was like, “This is not the way I want to live,” she explained.

‘This is scaring the s*** out of me, and I need to get help right now.’
The TV star says she’s in a better place after checking into a New Jersey hospital to detox with the help from her fiancé David Eason.

Her violent outbursts have made for dramatic episodes of the MTV show and Jenelle told E! News that she blames a lot of her anger issues on her father leaving when she was young.
‘My mom just took the role as mom and dad growing up, she was very hostile and yelling and screaming all the time.’

The mother-of-three has been embroiled in a custody battle with her estranged mother Barbara for several years over her seven-year-old son Jace.
Jenelle’s mother has had custody of her eldest son since she signed him over to her in 2010.

When asked why she thinks her mother doesn’t want her to take custody of Jace, Jenelle explained she think it’s because she feels entitled to her son after raising him.
‘[Barbara] knows if she gives him to me that I will cut her off. That will be it. She’s scared,’ Jenelle explained to E! News.
Asked what their relationship is like now, Jenelle admitted: ‘I think our relationship’s lost,’.