From day to day it gets harder and harder to tell exactly where Clifford “T.I.” Harris and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris stand as man and wife.

We have been hearing about their dramatic marital problems for at least a year now. For so long, the back and forth drama was in the headlines but officially being denied. Now the denials are over.

Finally, Tiny reportedly filed for divorce in December 2016 and moved out of the house. But somehow it looks and feels like T.I. is the one divorcing her.

It all seems so crazy. One minute it’s all over, then the next minute they are the best of friends. One minute T.I. is getting serious with his rumored IG Thot girlfriend (s/o Bernice Burgos) then Tiny allegedly turns up pregnant with T.I.’s baby –– again.

A pregnancy might not necessarily force them back together, since they got divorced despite having kids.

But getting pregnant after a divorce can mean anything from a one-time mistake to a sign that the passion’s still there.

So, we are over here scratching our heads like… ‘what is really going on with these two?” Cleary, there is a lot of love between them. Clearly they are upset with one another but yet still consider one another quasi best friends? It’s so messy and confusing.

Now, there is a new event on social media that just threw another monkey-wrench into the whole messy equation. Reportedly, someone in cyberspace just told Tiny that T.I. was going to eventually come back to her when the thots finished drying him out. And get this… Tiny actually “liked” the comment. Wow.

Now wait… does she “want” the man or “not want” the man? She is the one who filed for the divorce but she also seems ready and eager to take him back when he comes back. This is just too much.

Is this pregnancy going to save their marriage?