Have you heard married couples lament that their partner was very different in their behaviour before marriage? While it is impossible to know or understand another person fully, some meaningful conversations on important topics engaged couple should talk about will help you gain better perspective on the other person.

It is important relationship advice to make sure you both are on the same page when it comes to some key issues. If not, then it is important that you consider some topics engaged couple should talk about and arrive at a compromise.

Recognise your partner’s approach to certain things, and if it is different from yours, work out a mutual solution to help you move forward. Do not fall into a pattern of repeating the same issues.

Of course, all relationship advice is meaningless if the people involved in the relationship are unwilling to make an effort. At this point in the relationship, you will be more romantic and less realistic. Therefore, make it a point to understand what topics engaged couple should talk about, so that you have a harmonious life, even after the initial glow fades.


This is one of the most important topics engaged couple should talk about. When to have children, how many to have, how they should be spaced out – the couple must reach an agreement. Also consider what will your parenting approach be – relaxed, strict or somewhere in between? Will you share responsibilities equally in this sphere?


As money is the biggest source of marital discord, this is one of the topics engaged couple should talk about. Sometimes, one partner is a spender, and other is a saver. Discuss how much percentage of income will be saved, and what satisfactory cap can be put on spending. A basic overview of attitudes will help avoid future conflict.


Often, when we get engaged, we don’t heed relationship advice and think everything will sort itself out. Differing ambition levels can ruin a relationship. Partners should support each other’s career dreams, if any. Both should also agree that their relationship should not be sacrificed in the process. Also some people are career risk takers, while others are more stable.


It’s an era of longer life expectancy, but increased lifestyle diseases. Many of us have parents with diabetes, heart disease and asthma. One of the topics engaged couple should talk about are arrangements for their care and housing. How much time, effort and money should the other partner realistically be expected to devote?


This bit of relationship advice is useful for our busy lives. An engaged couple should discuss their fitness goals, as it will help them stay motivated to be fit, healthy and attractive in the years to come. This will help the couple overcome future confidence issues and is certainly one of the topics engaged couple should talk about to ensure harmony.


This is one of the chief topics engaged couple should talk about. Resentment can build up if one half feels that their needs are being ignored while the other half is having fun. Time should be earmarked for travelling, dining and shopping together. Each partner should also be willing to accommodate the other’s special interests such as reading or hanging out with friends.

SOURCE: http://www.boldsky.com