Is It Still Effective If I Took Birth Control 2 Hours Late


How to Take Birth Control Pills

Now you know the type of the pills you take will determine whether the pill is still effective as usual if you took birth control 2 hours late. Similiarly, the right way of taking the pill also depends on what kind of pills you are using. For instance:

Combination Pills

Both 28-day and 21-day combination pills have 21 ‘active’ pills. The active pills contain hormones. The seven additional pills in 28-day packs are ‘remainder’ pill that do not contain hormones. You have to take a pill daily for three weeks in a row if you are using a 21-day pack. You will take no pill for the next week and then have to start a new pack after the break.

Progestin-Only Pills

These pills are available in 28-day packs and all of them are active. You have to take a pill everyday at the same time. Keep in mind that you may get no periods at all or get your period the fourth week while taking progestin-only pills. There may be spotting or light bleeding occasionally throughout the month.

Helpful Tips about Birth Control Pills

  • You can make the pill more effective by taking it at the same time every day. Select a time that is easy to remember, so you do not miss any pill.
  • You may not be pregnant if you do not get your period on time but have been taking the pill on time. Taking a pregnancy test may still help confirm, especially if you miss two periods in a row.
  • You do not need to worry if you start the pill and then find out that you are already pregnant. The pill does not increase the risk of birth defects when taken in early pregnancy.
  • You may stop taking the pill when you want to become pregnant, but your period may take a couple of months to return to normal.

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