Many women ask, “What are the chances to become pregnant if you took birth control 2 hours late?” Let’s discuss more about it.

Yes, the pill is effective even if you take it a couple of hours after the recommended time. You usually need to take your pill once a day if you are on combined-hormone pills. The good thing with combined-hormone pills is that you do not have to take them at the same time every day. You will increase your chances of becoming pregnant though if you do not take the pill for a week or so – this usually happens when a woman does not start a new pack on time. In this case, you need a backup method to avoid unwanted pregnancy, and there are quite a few actually.

You can always use the condom – both male and female condoms are available today. You can also use sponge or diaphragm when having vaginal intercourse. The morning after pill is also available to prevent pregnancy if you have unprotected vaginal sex – you need to take the pill within five days of having sex.

Still, many women have questions about what will happen if they miss any pills from a 21-day or 28-day pack. Will you become pregnant if you took birth control 2 hours late? No, you won’t, but there are other possibilities as well. For instance:

Progestin Only Pills

It is a good idea to take your progestin-only pill at the same time every day or else it will be less effective. Will it be effective if you took birth control 2 hours late?There may be some effect in case of progestin-only pill – they become a lot less effective if you take them three hours later than your usual timing. Take a pill as soon as you remember and be sure to take the next pill at the usual time. Continue with the rest of the pack as usual and use a backup method for at least 48 hours after taking the late pill.

Keep in mind that you may notice light bleeding or spotting after missing a birth control pill or taking it late. Nausea is another common issue here. So, do not worry if you experience such issues after taking two pills in one day.