Marriage is an institution that is situated on five strong pillars, namely, love, loyalty, trust, respect and communication. If, ever, any of these pillars get affected, the base of the institution can shiver. Sometimes, it happens such that you do everything to make your marriage successful; yet it doesn’t seem to work for long. You often think what wrong have you done. Maybe the reason of an unsuccessful marriage lies in your past. Loyalty is very important to hold your bond strongly. If you hide anything from your wife to make your relationship better, it doesn’t work well always. Researches show that many men are confused with the question, is it safe to tell your secrets to your wife? Any information about your past relationships, whether physical or mental; any bad habits, including sexual habits; any financial crisis you’re going through should not be kept as a secret from your wife. However, men often think that hiding little secrets from their wife can keep their homes at peace. Remember, if your secret comes out from any other source, your wife can be more hurt. So, if you’re thinking how safe is it to tell your wife about your secrets, you should follow certain tips to know the right time to tell those.

1. Know Whether It Is Necessary To Tell It Or Not: Is it safe to tell your secrets to your wife? If there is anything deeply buried into your past and has no relevance to your present life, what is the point of digging it up?

For example, maybe you spent the first year of your college completely intoxicated. If that phase has no influence on your present life, there is no point in discussing it.

2. Don’t Brood Over Your Past: If you want to know how safe it is to tell your wife about your secrets, you should not brood over your past. Unless you let go of those incidents from your life, you can’t expect your wife to take those easily. So, if you want to share your past, forgive yourself first.

3. Don’t Be Hasty: Is it safe to tell your secrets to your wife? It is, if you go slowly. It is very natural for your wife to take in the sudden truth all at once. If you want to tell everything at a time, she might get puzzled and the trust may be shaken. Try to move slowly while telling her the truth.

4. Give Her Time: While you think how safe it is to tell your wife about your secrets, you should consider this point. It is very natural that unpleasant things can happen when you open up your past before her. Every person has limits to consume any sudden information of his/her dear ones. Give her time to process it.

5. Be Ready To Reciprocate: Remember, while you’re sharing your secrets, it may encourage your wife to reveal her’s, as she wants to be loyal with you as well. Be ready to receive it and try not to overreact.

Hopefully, you got an answer to your question,“is it safe to tell your secrets to your wife?” It happens to many people that revealing the secrets may create large issues, or, in some cases, it may not cause any damage but build a stronger relationship. It all depends on the mutual understanding and love between the partners and how they deal with the situation.