Interesting ways to peel a tomato in half a minute

Did you know that you can peel tomatoes in a variety of ways? You are probably aware of the fact that using a potato peeler on ripe and soft vegetables is useless – it completely ruins the food.

Here is what you can do when a potato peeler is of absolutely no help.

Gas Flame Method
You will definitely like this method because it does not require any special skills or specific utensils. All it takes is a fork and a gas stovetop.

Take tomatoes, remove attached stems, rinse and dry the veggies. Spear the tomato with a fork where the stem core is visible. Turn the flame to medium high. While holding the tomato an inch above the flame, slowly rotate it. Once you notice that the skin starts to break, you will know that the vegetable is ready to be peeled. As a rule, the procedure takes approximately 15-25 seconds. Avoid holding the tomato over the flame too long since it will cook the veggie. Before starting to peel, put the tomato in a plate and let it cool off so that you could touch it. Start peeling the skin where you see it split. That’s it! Now throw away the skin and follow your recipe.

Hot Water Method
This method is great and helpful when you have to peel a large amount of tomatoes. You can peel 3-4 tomatoes at a time applying this technique.

Pour some hot water in a pot or bowl. Thoroughly clean and rinse the veggies. Slice a shallow X into the bottom part (opposite the stem) of each tomato with a sharp knife. Now put the tomatoes into the hot water and leave them there for about a minute. Remove the tomatoes from the boiling water and begin peeling the skin starting from the bottom, exactly at the X cut. Throw out the skin and follow your recipe.

Knife Method
Some might find this method not as good as the ones described above. The reason is that usually this approach ends up with you peeling off some tomato flesh as well as. Unfortunately, no matter how sharp your knife is and despite your excellent cooking skills, discarding tomato flesh is inevitable in this case. However, the method does not require heating the vegetable.

Thoroughly clean your tomatoes and pat them dry first. Next, slice them into large wedges. Now take a wedge, place it on a board or plate skin side facing down and seed side facing up. By means of a sharp knife start slicing the skin away from one tip of the wedge to the other while pressing the wedge to the board to keep it stable. Hold the knife as close to the skin as you can so that you could peel off the skin without slicing off too much of the tomato flesh. Discard the removed skin and follow your recipe.