South Africa is a diverse nation that is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery and wildlife in the world. The nation is also famous for its beaches and friendly residents. It is sometimes referred to as the “rainbow nation,” because many types of people make up its population. South Africa is home to some very interesting cultural practices.


South Africa’s culture is so diverse that the country has 11 official languages. The languages provide clues as to where in South Africa someone is from, as each region uses one language almost exclusively. English is the most spoken language, followed by Afrikaans, which is similar to Dutch.


South Africa is a very sports enthusiastic nation. It tops sports, however, are not soccer, baseball or basketball. They are rugby and cricket. In fact, South Africa holds more than one World Cup title in rugby and the record for the highest score in a single day of cricket.



Although South Africa is very diverse, scholars generally divide the population into two groups. These are the white population of European descent, who tend to be very Westernized in its cultural practices, and the black population of native ancestry, who are more inclined to emphasize tribal traditions. This means that the experience and cultural code varies vastly depending on where in South Africa you go and with whom you interact.


As you might expect, a country that is the unique habitat of several thousand species of plants, and home to several endangered species of animal, places a large emphasis on nature and the environment. In fact, because South Africans do not embrace the idea of caging animals, large patches of land are set aside to house precious wildlife. South Africans believe that you must live in harmony with your environment.

Of course, these cultural facts are only a few of the many interesting details that make South Africa unique and special. A visit is a truly eye-opening experience in how multiple cultures co-exist simultaneously with respect to each other and their environment. South Africans are also an enthusiastic sports-loving citizens who proudly bond over their favorite teams.