This great idea has been in your head for months now, but you are afraid to act on it because you’re worried what your BFF will think. Really. Well, it’s time to grow a pair and take a stand!  Who cares what anyone else thinks!

First you have to get some confidence. Unfortunately, it is not on sale at GNC or any other retailer, but you can find it growing inside of you. Practice facing adversity. Watch “Shark Tank” or “Hell’s Kitchen,” shows that throw punches at everyday people. Watch how the ones that stand out, the winners, let insults bounce off their backs and stand their ground.


How do they do that? They come prepared, but they have also built a level of tolerance against embarrassment.

How to get past it
Practice. Make it a habit to think of ways to handle the naysayers. You know how you hear aspiring music artists are told to stand in front of a mirror with a hairbrush as a microphone and practice? You can do the same thing. Look yourself in the eye!

Next, look someone else in the eye. Find 10 people everyday to look in the eye. It’s not difficult. Do it with the cashier where you pick up coffee in the morning, at the office with fellow workers, in the lunchroom, when you get on the bus and pay your fair, as you walk home – look at that person coming toward you and look straight at him or her and say “Hello.”

You know what they say… “Practice makes perfect!”

Now think about what you just did… if you can speak with confidence to a complete stranger, why can’t you tell your BFF you ARE going to start your own business!

Practice some more. Start conversations with complete strangers. How will this help? When it’s time to pitch your idea to investors, you’ll have the confidence that you can hold their attention.

Develop people skills. Ask people you don’t know what are their passions or greatest fears? Learn how to engage people and make them feel they matter. Imagine how amazing your customers will feel when they come to your business and you talk to them like an old friend.

Who’s crazy now?