Incorporate healthy eating habits into your child’s daily routine. Here are some tips to help you steer them towards a healthier lifestyle

Pizzas, burgers and other fast food tempt kids and most parents find it tough to keep their children away from them. While it is okay to give in once in a while, this could spoil their habit and it may eventually become a challenge to get them to eat health food, once they grow up. It is wise to begin incorporating healthy food habits into the daily diet regime of children. It will make a huge difference in the long run.

Do not mistake food for love: Giving your child his/her favourite pizza, or burger everyday is not the right way to show your love. Do not offer food as reward, rather, just hug your child. Physical affection goes a long way to raise a healthier child, who is also emotionally stronger.

Rewrite your child’s menu: Let your child try different kinds of food everyday, like various vegetables, chicken or paneer preparations and seasonal fruits. Just because his/her friends are opting for fast food or junk food and you child demands it, you need not give in always. If you experiment with different kinds of foods, you child will learn to eat healthier.

Discourage the ‘finish all your food’ habit: You have to allow them to decide when they are full and when they need to stop eating. The ‘clean-your-plate-up’ may not work and your child if force-fed, may learn to overeat daily.

Also count the calories your kid drink: We often tend to ignore the calories in the drinks and juices that a child has in between meals. Packaged juices, carbonated beverages are what kids want but if you overdo this, you might end up with a obese child.