How to Impress the Girl you Like

Don’t know how to leave an impression on the girl you like? It can take time, in fact, with time you may be able to make bigger and louder of impressions. The goal of this article is not to get her in bed with you or to have her groveling at your feet. It’s to show you examples of how to be the type of man most women would want in their lives in a heartbeat. This is about being endearing, a quality not usually focused upon by men. Take chances, and know that these things build up overtime and eventually… she’ll more than likely fall for you. Communication is the key to any relationship, so learn what you can to communicate with her when she more than likely has a completely different way of thinking than you. If you show her love, she will appreciate you and more than likely will return love back.

Here is fifty tips on what you can do to authentically win her heart.

1. Listen. Have her talk about her past, her dreams, everything here and in between. Pay attention so that you can figure out what matters most to her then later you can bring this information up and she’ll recognize that you’ve taken the time to care. Also, this can help you to figure out the ultimate gifts to give her. If you realize she liked something from the past like a TV show or a certain book — those would be great items to buy her later.

2. Take initiative. If you notice that the trash hasn’t been taken out, her vacuum cleaner needs to be cleaned, or her car is iced over — try helping out the busy girl and she’ll thank you, and remember what you did even if she doesn’t automatically express it.

3. Write her notes. Don’t write letters in full out romantic mode until you’ve really caught her attention, but write her a note, draw her a picture, say something quirky and memorable. Keep it lighthearted. Make it seem somewhat casual and yet flattering.

4. Avoid gushing about her best friends. She may notice just by how you look which friends of hers you’ve taken a liking to, but don’t over talk about them. Don’t talk about other girls period unless you want to confuse her.

5. Offer to make dessert food with her like cookies, cake — something that can be baked. If you have no idea how to bake, try a few recipes from Baking is not that hard! If you practice… you’ll learn.

6. Learn some skills. Play an instrument whether the guitar, piano, saxophone — something. Guitars get somewhat overplayed in this arena, but being musical can tune her to your heart. Learn to sing!

7. Don’t mention ex-girlfriends (or ex-boyfriends!), instead put all of that in the past. Barely if ever mention that stuff. Don’t compare her to the past; that’s hurtful.

8. Learn a language; if she speaks a foreign language or more than one, learning her language will attune her to you.

9. Read about the five love languages and figure out which one she aligns herself to most from: giving gifts, touch, words of affirmation, spending time together, and acts of service. Applying all of these can help!

10. Have no idea what to do with her? Go to a bookstore and read books out loud.

11. Avoid mixing her with overly man nights which might frighten her as the men go on about all the wrong things about women, knives, sports, beer… she might like some of these things — but it probably won’t endear her to you.

12. Be genuine. Women have radars for whether you are skirt chasers or not so if you keep using the same lines, expressions, etc… she will catch on. Be genuine to yourself too!

13. Leave her flowers… secretly. It will keep her much more curious.

14. Dress a notch above what you usually do. You probably need a wardrobe upgrade anyway.

15. Don’t talk about your lack of hygiene. Focus on improving your hygiene.

16. Take her on adventures to obscure places in town whether graveyards, hikes, abandoned buildings, castles — something unusual.

17. Express emotion. Be comfortable with sharing details about your life. She’ll grasp that you have taken a liking to her if you share more personal, emotional sides of yourself.

18. Let her wear your jacket. Don’t be dismayed if she refuses.

19. Touch her in appropriate, socially acceptable ways — like on the arm, shoulder, hugs, high fives, etc.

20. Be less about sex and more about emotions and commitment. Jumping in physically too soon lowers the chance of a successful relationship. The longer you can wait, the more likely you’ll stay together as you have focused more energy in how to communicate rather than… well… sex.

21. Help her with her studies. Don’t be a distraction, but really seriously help her. Don’t act as though you are smarter and greater than her. Offer to help make notes, review flashcards with her, and keep her accountable to studying. Congratulate her if she succeeds, encourage her if she fails.

22. Offer her some of your favorite books, movies, albums, etc. Before letting her borrow a copy, say why it means so much to you. This will frame her mind to remember you as she indulges in the artwork.

23. Respect her privacy. We all have certain public and private borders. If she doesn’t want to talk about something… then don’t force her. Be cool, calm, and collected. Give her space.

24. Ask for her help. Don’t know how to do laundry, bake a cake, use a certain piece of equipment? Let her be the expert.

25. Compliment her on things that really do capture your attention about her. Shoot for her intelligence, creativity, beauty, or specific talents.

26. Text her. Send her humorous messages. Don’t over text her, and definitely don’t let her always be the one to initiate or she will question if you like her.

27. Open doors for her.

28. Say “thank you” for anything she does.

29. Laugh at her jokes.

30. Be comfortable being free-spirited.

31. Leave her word puzzles that’ve you made.

32. Dance with her.

33. Sit next to her when you can during group activities.

34. Give her a hug goodbye and say that you’ll miss her. More points on if you can elaborate on why you’ll miss her.

35. Take her along on your trip of errands.

36. Make a box like from Valentine’s Day and put in cute messages inside.

37. Skip buying dinner… make her dinner.

38. If a guy is scaring her, help her to get away from him. This will give you major points.

39. Avoid taking her to sketchy or raunchy locations. You’re trying to endear her!

40. Collect something outside in nature with her.

41. Run in the rain with her.

42. Buy / offer her chocolate.

43. Teach her something special to you and explain why it is special to you.

44. Be the best friend that you can possibly be. What is a relationship without friendship? Nothing that will last long.

45. Send her a reminder of a special day from the past you spent with her, like a rock that was used when skipping stones at a lake. Put the rock in a box. Leave a note.

46. Project positive energy. Avoid anger, criticizing her, calling her names, neglecting her, hurting her, etc. Consider what you put into the friendship and how you act toward other people. If you are terrible with wait staff, she may take notice and think you’ll start treating her the same way.

47. Do not pressure her to be physical.

48. If she’s scared, don’t make fun of her, but comfort her.

49. When you see potential danger, protect her first. If someone makes fun of her, stand up for her.

50. At the right moment, place her hair behind her ear.