Alicia admits that there are ‘definitely some challenges to being a virgin’ at her age

A woman (Alicia Jay) who has been dubbed the world’s tallest virgin has candidly detailed the reasons why she is 35-years-old and still waiting until marriage to have sex, however, she admits that being 6’6″ makes dating difficult because many men can’t look past her height.

Alicia Jay, a style blogger and game operations manager for the Golden State Warriors, a NBA team based in Oakland, California, spoke about her life as a virgin in video for’s ‘My Life’ series, explaining she has always believed in saving herself for marriage.


‘Being a virgin today is a beautiful thing,’ she says in the clip. ‘I cannot wait for my husband to find me and for me to share all of me with him. But it’s hard. People have a misconception that we’re just not exciting people.’

Alicia says that many of her past struggles have made her stronger and helped shape her into the person she is today, and one thing that really stands out from her upbringing is her religious faith.
‘From a very young age my mom had us in church, and I’m a Christian. I am a very strong Christian because of the base she gave me when I was younger,’ she says.