I had a girlfriend who we have been dating for the past four year. I happened to be the one that disvirgin her, one day I caught her red handed engaging a relationship with another guy. When I asked her why she does it,she said I was the cause of it that she did it because of the way I was treating her that I don’t show the kind of love I used to show her before.
She beg me that she’s going to stop the relationship with that guy and she swear for me she would never. do such a thing again. I forgive and forget her sin. Now, just of a recent I caught her red handed again having intimate relationship with another guy. And do you know what is baffling most about this my girl, every member of my family and my friends have known her as my future partner. Now I don’t even know what to do about her now because I’m at the crossroad. I have share my story with two elderly man and what they told me is that I should quit the relationship and they give instances that such a girl that’s behaving like that now, there’s high tendency that when we eventually got married,she may eventually be engaging in extra marital life.