#8. Don’t give him too much. A guy who sees a girl who is super-nice might take advantage of her — and that’s really not what you want. When a guy thinks he can get away with asking for way more than they deserve, they will try to do so.

You might think that cooking him dinner and cooing at him will make him see you as relationship material, but it’s often just an added “bonus” for guys who want a hookup. A smarter route is to just tell him, “Oh, I don’t do that for guys who aren’t my boyfriend.”

#9. Don’t forget to make yourself show interest. Ask him about himself. Show interest in his hobbies. Ask him what he does for fun or how his life is going. These things show him that you can be more than just a hookup, and that’s encouragement for him to pursue you.

#10. Don’t hide your accomplishments. Guys want someone they can be proud of, just as much as girls do. By showing him you have a life of your own, you make yourself more attractive to men.