#4. Actually, don’t talk about other men. Period. This often is taken as a hint that you’re really not looking at him as a relationship guy.

#5. Don’t lie about what you want. If you want a relationship, say you want a relationship. Sometimes, guys think that we only see them as hookups because they can’t imagine we’d want something long-term with them.

#6. Don’t act super-sleazy. You know how girls tend to demote guys who act like skeevy pervs to fling status at best? It works both ways. If a guy thinks you’re a sleaze, he won’t want to date you. If anything, dressing conservatively will help with this.

#7. Don’t f*ck his friends or flirt with them. Technically, this falls under “acting super-sleazy,” but it’s still worth noting. A lot of men won’t date someone who has slept with their friends as a fling. It’s against Bro Code and would just spark too much drama.