Most guys already can tell whether you’re just a hookup or a relationship girl after the first couple of times they see you. That being said, it’s not a total snap decision on the guy’s part. There are ways you can make it clear that you’re a relationship only kind of girl. Here are things you should do if you want to be more than just a casual sex hookup.

#1. Don’t tell him you’re OK with a hookup if you’re not. Guys react very well to established boundaries because they will walk all over you if you have none. By putting your foot down early, they get the picture that you’re not someone who will put up with their bad behaviour.

#2. Don’t get clingy and desperate. If you get too clingy, guys will back away from thinking of you as a relationship type of girl. No one wants to deal with a super-clingy girl.

#3. Don’t let it last too long. A good friends with benefits situation is a temporary thing. If you let it last too long, you might catch feelings.