Though many urinary tract infection symptoms have been known to be subtle, it remains important for women to be aware of them to determine whether they have developed the condition.

The human body often does a good job of letting us know when something is wrong, however, that does not mean that symptoms are always easily recognisable. By paying attention and being aware of the urinary tract infection symptoms, it will be easier to know when to act as you can determine whether you have the condition.

Identify the symptoms

  • As with any other illness, urinary tract infection symptoms differ from woman to woman with some not being present at all and others varying in severity. Despite this, it is still possible to recognise and pinpoint the urinary tract infection symptoms that have an affect and aid diagnosis. One of the first signs women get that they might have a urinary tract infection is a burning sensation when voiding their bladder. Similarly, a persistent need to urinate can be a symptom to look out for, especially when little urine is produced as a result. A change to the colour or aroma of the urine must also be considered a symptom that requires rectification. Due to the nature of the condition, the issues are mostly localised to the lower abdomen, causing a pressured feeling of pain to the small of the back. However, at its worst, it can also result in excessive tiredness as well as a fever or chills.

Avoid the causes and implement treatment

  • There are a number of causes for urinary tract infection symptoms that can lead to the condition, which is caused by bacteria entering the urethra. If you suspect that you have a urinary tract infection, the first step must be to see a doctor to have it confirmed. A round of antibiotics can be prescribed to kill the infection before undertaking steps to prevent the issue reoccurring. This is especially relevant if the infection has been allowed to persist for long enough to affect the kidneys. It is essential to take steps to prevent bacteria from entering the urethra, such as wiping from front to back after using the toilet to stop bacteria from the anus being transferred to the urethra. In order to flush the urinary system, plenty of water must be consumed in addition to cranberry juice for its acidic qualities, which has antibacterial qualities. Catching urinary tract infection symptoms early will make it easier to treat the condition in order to cure it and reduce the possibility of it returning.