A confused mother is telling the story of her daughter who is pregnant for her childhood friend’s husband and she needs your advice in the matter.

The pregnant daughter didn’t grow up with her mother as she had been living with her father and only recently did she move in with her mother.

The woman had gone to her daughter’s room only to find a pregnancy test kit and some strange drugs. When she confronted her daughter, she tried taking offence asking her mom why she went through her things but she later confessed and promised to bring the man responsible home.

When she brought the man home, to her mother’s surprise, it was her best friend’s husband. This shocking discovery made the man to start apologising and begging for forgiveness.

The said best friend is hypertensive and is the one who established the woman in business.

The pregnancy is about six months old making it impossible to abort.

To make matters worse, the best friend recently called to tell the woman someone saw her husband with a pregnant young lady and that judging from their disposition, the husband is responsible.

The daughter’s father is also threatening the woman on the other hand.

This woman is confused and does not know what to do. She needs your help.