I NEED ADVICE: I Hate My Husband

Please help me; I hate being married to my husband. He snores, doesn’t know how to dress, is ugly and above all doesn’t know how to make love.

I have tried to accommodate him for seven years but it is becoming unbearable for me to go on with him. He isn’t the kind of man I want to spend the rest of my life with. But at the time I met and married him, he was the only one available. The man I wanted to get married to left me to get married to another woman hence my decision to marry my husband.

Now, that my former is single again, his wife died some few months ago I want to go back to him but I love my children so much and know he won’t allow me take them with me. Besides, I want some private time with my ex; time for him to realise that no other woman would ever be good enough for him.

Although he hasn’t asked me out or looked my way but, I have given him all the signs of my availability and willingness to end my marriage for us to be together.

Where I want your help is how to terminate my marriage without too much hassles as well as tips to get my ex to come back to me. He is my life. I suspect his late wife of deploying juju to get him to marry her. He would never have left me of his own free will to marry another woman.