Good relations within a family is always a welcome thing. But to what extent should one’s immediate family control their married life (if at all)? A frustrated woman writes in, asking for advice.

It seems that I’m married not only to my husband, but to his whole family, too. When we were dating, I adored his relationship with his mother and siblings. They seemed to be close and supportive to each other. But, as we didn’t cohabitate prior to the marriage, I had no idea of how invasive his relatives can be.

They visit so often and stay for so long I now can say they live with us. Moreover, my husband discusses every aspect of his married life, including our s*x life, with his mother, two brothers and a sister. I know because I once overheard their conversation. His mother arranges things as she pleases in my house, and my husband often compares everything I do to how she does it. When I try to argue he either doesn’t listen or gets offended.

I’ve been married for two years, and I’m already tired. I’m not against close family ties, and I love my husband. But his family is ridiculously pressing. I’m considering gathering my belongings and leaving off to my parents’. If this doesn’t make him rethink, I might as well divorce him.

Until I take any actions, maybe you people will tell me what to do?