We always hear of how most especially women claim there marriage is the best and all but in reality it isnt.
Its not like there are no “ballons” kinda marriage where things are usually rosy but its a lie when they tell you there hasnt been times when husband displayed some 5 minutes madness.

Yes o… Sometimes its more than 5 minutes to days but trust me there isnt ONE perfect marriage.

This morning… Okay actually I stay with my aunt and they have this scooby dooby kinda marriage where everyone is playing, dancing and all but sometimes when they get into their rooms I just feel like do they mourn someone everyday in that room.

Fastforward to this morning… May I say this man is the perfect gentle man who doesnt shout, beat or argue with his wife. A sweet man I must agree. Thank God im not gay… So this morning I was sleeping and I started hearing shouts for the 1st time ever since ive been with them and probably since they married as confirmed by their neighbours by their bemused countenance.

He was so upset, angry, was throwing things and shouting at the wife saying: “Be very careful”… “I will not tolerate that from you” etc.

My question is; “Has your husband displayed this kinda madness eventhough you have that perfect marriage?”… “Was his action justified eventhough we still dont know what happened as they failed to disclose. Very funny people?”.

More importantly to the men; “Is it necessary sometimes for a man to show this kinda madness to keep the woman in check?”. You know sometimes their excesses can be over the top.

Lets have your thoughts.