I caught my husband cheating and instead of covering up, he straight up told me that he was tired of my body and everything else about me. He told me that yes, he loves me and always will, but that I was old, fat and basically worn out, lol. No lie!

The lol is not because I find it funny just unbelievable! I married him when I was 24 and now at 41 I am worn out? Worn out from giving him children and taking care of him for 17 years?
Well, I accepted that and with grace I asked him for a divorce but he’s insisting on staying  married but says he can’t be faithful, that he would rather be sincere with me than lie. Well, I’m thinking I should stay married like most women in Lagos who are tired of their marriages are doing but do same thing that my husband is doing; that is find a man who doesn’t find my 41 year old body so worn out and make him my lover. He can’t be having all the fun, can he? What do you think?