How To Use Socks To Curl Your Hair At Home

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Here is another DIY to get curls overnight using the “sock bun” trick.

Things required

  • Scissors
  • Clean socks
  • Rubber band
  • Water
  • Wide tooth comb

How to

  • Take a clean sock. Cut its upper part.sock-bun-1
  • Now start rolling the socks from the end of the sock until you form a donut like look. Keep in mind that the doughnut is rolled firmly and is tight.sock-bun-2
  • Damp your hair a little.
  • Comb your hair. Make sure your hair is tangle free.
  • Bring your hair at one place at the top. Tie a high pony at the crown area.sock-bun-3
  • Now, insert the doughnut into the high ponytail at the tip. Stuff-in the ends into the doughnut bun. Roll the bun inwards, as shown in the picture below:
  • sock-bun-4
    • Roll the bun and tuck the hair until there is no hair left to roll.After you finish rolling, make sure you have a bun like shown in the picture below:


    • Now, hit the bed with this bun.
    • Next morning, you wake up these lovely long curls.


    Spray your hair with a hair spray, to hold your curls for a longer time. Show off your Beach Wave Curls in the morning !