Here keep yourself handy with 10 polite ways to get rid of your ‘pain in the back’ guests.


Nothing matters more than sincerity and honesty. Although some might interpret it as a rude and harsh way to approach them, it is rather better to be truthful than being an ‘impersonate fox’ and lying behind their backs. Tell them your situation and ask them to leave. Blunt and bleak, but polite. Something like, “guys, I love you, but I have to be up with the chickens-so, we need to wrap this up” will be straight and precise.


Yes. As rightly pointed out-stop bringing fresh drinks or refilling the juice and water glasses. Remove the last of the party sweets and nuts from the table. Apparently, the guests will sense the void without the wine glasses being filled again and again and the table out of food and eatables. Hospitality is a trait of human character, so is our urge to feed others. The core motif in holding the guests are food and it obviously is the main chunk- especially when homeliness and hospitality are concerned.


Get up and start cleaning up, doing the dishes, turning off the lights etc. These are dull but able indications for the guest to leave. Some of them may in fact help you with the cleaning and stuff marking their etiquette and manners. In some rare cases, just the sight of the home maker cleaning and the thought of helping lights the booster to quit and run! Some people just don’t even want their attire ruined and hands dirty-so, the next fast step is fleeing with a broad smile and thank notes.


Yawning performs in several ways. Firstly, it announces you tiredness. Since it is known as contagious and involuntary, it shows your weariness and your need to be alert. Secondly, it implies the quantity of boredom you have to encourage them any longer. Thirdly, it reveals how humdrum they are and how difficult it is to account them beyond a level. This is the most important self realization that almost all the clinging guests cut their hook by this and leave the place once and for all to you. Moreover, it is a very natural and humane fashion to express your sad state. So, happy yawning people!


Don’t you think a room of comfort is a major reason for their stay? Of course it is. A lovely cozy dining with mood lights and theme painting; the moment they enter the fresh smell of your room freshener caps them. They feel at home. Don’t even think of it if the food is satisfying and filling. So the prompt stride is to break their comfort zone. For this suggest the guests to move to the living room. As the room is situated near the main entrance at the front of the house chances are that they might feel like slipping out and riding away to home.


Do not hesitate to start doing some thing in order to encourage your beloved guests. Sigh a satisfied sounding sigh, place your hands on the table like you are just about to stand up, smile broadly and say, ‘well’. This is a classic initiation which if successful will be picked up by the rest and then end in praising the party and promising to be a part of it again without fail. Now, as soon as the ball drops in your court, pick it up and without dragging in a cheerful voice, say,”It was such a pleasure to see you tonight. Thanks so much for coming”. Thus will score a golden lining in your behavior as the guests will leave contented and thankful.


Clothing choices are rarely neutral, and our inner secrets can be read in our choices. Suppose a guest arrives half an hour before you leaving for a cinema, disappear for a moment and reappear in your new dress. Questions will rise certainly and properly state your inconvenience to occupy them. The same trick can work well for late-night doers who eat up your brain too. Secretly slip into your dressing room and return in your pajamas and discreetly muffle a yawn. If your guests are sane, this will directly ring the bell for them to get home without wasting a second.


Inaugurate with intelligence. Brilliantly kick start a conversation involving the ‘ blues of work-both home and office’ and cunningly tie a knot about the early morning troubles one has to face. Sailing logically through the knot, pause for a moment and immediately make a remark of how early you need to wake up the next morning and get back to the strenuous work. The presentation should be such that it, apart from being an excuse must emotionally attack the guests and make them feel guilty of staying late. They themselves should regret draining our time and energy and will get up themselves without even the slightest push externally.


This is a very efficient way to approach guests professionally. The process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on such activities induces an order to the same. This does not mean that you need to be strict as an officer throughout the party. However you shouldn’t dither to announce to the guests in advance that the party or get-together is from so-and-so time to so-and-so time. It helps in drawing a vague idea about the duration of the party in our visitor’s mind. Also, the time frame remains stuck in their minds and they will start withdrawing after the proposed time is over. But this does not apply to the unexpected visitors. Nonetheless, this pre-plan avoids a polite encounter.


“Honey, we need to go to bed so that these people can go home” or something like,”Its time for them to leave is to begin flossing your teeth” will not just convey the message but also make the inmate laugh and cool. The loveliest thing here is that chuckles occur much more frequent than other commonly researched emotions like regret, pride and shame. People typically approach pleasure and hence the pursuit of humor influences all of them in a rather positive way. This gives preference to the guests in our house and is a token of intimacy and love when laughter is involved. After all, guests should be someone who is given hospitality and respect.