When following a few simple shopping tips, women can easily learn how to find the best bikinis to flatter their body type and make this pool season their most confident yet.

Bikinis are not just for thin model types and women of every size can find a great bikini to flatter their curves. When looking for the best bikinis, women need to look for suits that are comfortable and make them feel confident. As long as a bikini accomplishes these two things, then it’s a good choice. If a bikini constantly needs to be adjusted, it’s best to put it back, regardless of how cute it is. While bikinis are designed to show a lot of skin, the best bikinis do hide and flatter certain areas. One area that many women have trouble flattering is their bottom.

How to Choose the Right Bottoms
When shopping for bikini bottoms in Australia, women need to decide whether they want to minimize or maximize their bottom. To minimize a large bottom, women will want to find a suit that covers the crease where their buttocks meets their leg. Choose a suit in a dark color that fits snugly, as a loose bottom will attract more attention. Women that want to enhance their bottom will want to choose suits that sit low and form a “V” in the back. Bottoms that are scrunched will also make a small bottom look rounder. Once a woman has chosen a bottom, it’s time to shop for a top.

How to Choose a Flattering Top
When shopping for a top, small chested will want to choose colorful tops, with padding, rutching, and/or ruffles to maximize the chest area. Larger breasted women will need to find suits that offer adequate support. Underwire and halter tops are often better options than triangle or bandeau tops. Longer tops are also a great option for women that want to hide a fuller stomach. While bikini shopping may seem intimidating, finding the best bikinis is a great way for women to feel much more confident about their body.