Mastering the art of being in front of camera is very important for every lady, because we, girls, tend to be more “sensitive” to the way we look in pictures. Probably, it happened to you (as it did to me) to be tagged on Facebook in unflattering photographs. Let me share with you some tips on how to look amazing in photos all the time!…Ok…ok…ok…almost all the time! :) Let’s begin:

1) Find out what is your best side and best angle.
It’s very important to know yourself, again, even in photography, as well as in life in general. So, discover the angles where you look your best in photos. Even though your face looks and seems symmetrical, there can be slight differences in how you look from the right or from the left side. For example, I personally, love to be photographed slightly from my right; so, in a group photograph I tend to stand on the right side of the group and turn my right side slightly toward the camera. So how to find out your best angle? – Practice! Take a camera and ask a friend to make pictures of you from various sides and different angles. You can be astonished how different you might look from diverse positions. When you found your “perfect” angle, stick with it and try to “reproduce” similar angle in pictures; like this you will know for sure that you look fabulous!
You can also practice posing in front of a mirror and find your right angle this way. If it looks cute in front of a mirror – it should look great in photos too! The good angle that almost never fails is a 45 degree angle. It’s one of my favorites!

Quick tip: when making a pose, try to put both of your hands on your waist, this pose will create an illusion of longer legs and slimmer waist which is always a bonus!

2) Posture.
Great posture increases your “beautifulness” by many percents straight away, not only in photos, but also in your everyday life. The trick for instant perfect posture: try to stand as if you carry 10 books on top of your head or stand as if you are trying to touch the sky with your head. Not only this simple tip will help improve your posture, but also you will instantly become couple of centimeters taller! Isn’t it great?! Great posture will definitely help you look better in pictures.

3) Positive attitude and smile.
Did you see pictures of people who smile with their mouth, but their eyes look sad or their smile just doesn’t look real? It can happen to anyone of us when we force our smile saying “cheeeeeeeese”…To make a beautiful photograph with genuine smile, try to think about something funny, pleasant or happy and then, only, make a picture; it will create real, beautiful and timeless smile that will make a big difference in the way you look in photos. Also, if you don’t want to show all your teeth while smiling – try a gentle, mysterious and slightly evident smile. Smile always looks beautiful in photos. Small tip: put your tongue behind your teeth and smile, this should help relax your face and make your smile look natural and flattering.

4) Brush your hair right before the picture is taken. This quick tip helps me out when I want to look good and effortless in photos without trying too hard. Brush your hair couple of times and you will see a big difference in the way you look in photograph. I carry a small hair brush in my bag at all times, just in case I will need a quick fix done to my hair. Usually, in photos it looks quite nice!Quick tip: You can also quickly turn your hair upside down and back again, this simple gesture will help add more volume and your hair will look effortlessly stunning and naturally beautiful!

5) When you are photographed, don’t look at the camera, look through it; or try to look slightly above the camera instead of directly looking into the camera. This is a professional photo-tip, it, actually, gives an illusion that you are watching exactly into the camera and adds slightly mysterious sophistication to your photos, try it!

6) Avoid shadows.
Good light is one of the most important ingredients of successful photo-shoot. Make sure to avoid unflattering shadows, actually, try to avoid any shadows touching your face. For this, make sure that the light is not hitting you form above, because it’s not only unflattering, but also it can create an illusion of under eyes circles or, even, longer nose. We don’t want that, right?

7) How to make sure you don’t blink in pictures?
Well, blinking at the wrong moment can happen to anyone…but let me share with you a simple trick that I, personally, use all the time: try to keep your eyes closed for a moment and open them right when it’s time to make a photo, this way you will look more relaxed in pictures and you won’t feel the urge to blink right at the time when the picture is made.

8) Good makeup is important, but your inner confidence is the real key!
Yes, confident people, usually, look amazing not only in photos, but also in everyday life. Inner beauty and confidence are the key things for a successful photo-shoot. It’s very difficult to look good in photos when you are embarrassed, lack self insurance and self trust. How to become more confident? – It’s easy, make a decision! Decide that you are beautiful and that you are amazing just because you are you; there is no other like you (which is true) on the planet! This inner assurance of your own uniqueness and beauty will show up in photos making you look more relaxed, natural and attractive.
If you have freckles, big ears or slightly bigger space between your teeth – embrace all these unique features; these are things that distinguish you from others and be proud of them! Remember you are beautiful, believe in yourself and smile.

Now you know how to look wonderful in pictures and you can start practicing. We usually get better with trial and error, so the more you practice something – the better you become at it.

What are your favorite tips on how to look great in photos? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay beautiful!